When will I get my order?

Each vendor set’s their own delivery estimates. Please be in touch with the vendor directly. You can find the vendor’s contact information in the “Vendor Info” tab of the product

How do I contact a shop?

To contact Shuksy, please visit our contact page . : To find the contact information for a particular vendor, click on the “Vendor Info” tab of the product. For additional information, you can go to Shop by Vendor and click on the vendor to get all of their information.

I have a problem with an order, what should I do?

Please be in touch with the vendor directly. If you can not reach the vendor or you want to file a complaint, please contact us here and we will , Bli Neder, do what we can to help resolve the issue.


What does it cost to set up a shop on Shuksy?

Sign up absolutely free! We only charge when a sale is made.  

What fees do you charge?

There are two fees involved. The first is the credit card processing fee. That fee does not go to us. We use stripe to process orders. Stripe currently charges 2.9% +30 cents per transaction.

Shuksy takes 10% after Stripe fees are applied.

High priced, low margin vendors like Jewelry may be entitled to a lower commission charge. Please be in touch with us at

How does the shipping work?

Shipping in Israel is not as simple as it is in other countries. While difficult to explain, most businesses that ship in Israel do run into complications.

Therefore, to navigate this complex issue, we set up multiple zones throughout Israel (it’s a long list, so bear with us as we add more) to allow you set different rates for different locations.

When do I get my money?

As soon as the funds clear, send a request through your vendor dashboard.

Do you have image restrictions ?

As we are marketing to the religious community, we ask that all images loaded onto the site be modest and appropriate or we may have to remove them. Thank you for understanding.

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