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As I flipped though the pages of Mishpacha, Ami, Hamodia etc., I noticed how many Jewish vendors there were throughout Israel who rely on selling their wares via email and telephone. As a marketer and web designer I felt that there was a significant need in our community.

There is a unique bond between “Chutznikim” and their bretheren in Israel. Truthfully, there is a unique bond in the religious Jewish community worldwide, but there is a special connection with those living in Israel. Those who have family in Israel know that there is a unique yearning – a deep connecction.

Many friends and family members abroad scour newspapers and magazines to find a way to send gifts to loved ones in Israerl. Whether baked goods, like cakes and cookies or birthday gifts and flowers. Shuksy, BE”H, aims to be THE #1 go-to destination to unite Israeli vendors and customers domestic and abroad.

We look forward to hearing from you and serving your needs.

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